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Successful Doubles is Game On in the Tennis World!

Pete Collins is one of the most entertaining and trusted doubles instructors in the tennis world today.

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Amazing Tips For Better Doubles Performance

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #1 The Forbidden Shot!

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #2 Split for Mobility

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #3 The Non-Hitter’s Role

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #4 Partner’s Position Varies

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #5 Hot Seat Preparation

  • tennis-icon-40821Doubles Tennis Tip #6 Positive Poaching!

Tips on how to be a Better Tennis Player

Pete Collins’ Successful Doubles Video Preview

Pete has helped thousands of doubles players. Let’s see what some have to say. . .

“I attended your clinic last Saturday in Fort Mill, SC, with Beth Chuck. Last night, I played indoors with some very good 4.0 players and decided I needed to focus on your tips — especially when to stop and take the split step. WOW! It improved my game tremendously!!! One of the girls commented and said I was on fire. Well, thanks to your clinic, I was by keeping the ball in play. I LOVE your clinics!! Thanks.”

Valerie Link, Clinic Participant

“I’ve played tennis for over 10 years. I’ve struggled during that time to improve, with weekly lessons, numerous clinics, and lots of match play. This summer Successful Doubles, in the course of two days, completely changed my game.  I’ve received numerous comments this fall from teammates and also opponents about how much better I am. I now know how to anticipate and where to be on the court.  Playing is just so much more fun when you know what’s going on!

A recent example – we won a very close match yesterday.  Two tie-breakers.  At a pivotal point, I looked at the net person, and remembered what Pete had told  me – to watch her racket.  Just in time, because she poached, and I actually saw what was going on in time to react and save the point.
Simple stuff?  Yes.  But utterly practical and transforming.” I mean every word.  You do great stuff.
Leigh-Anne, Clinic Participant

“…Received the CDs awhile back and recently received the CD with all the Tennis Teacher Conference sessions.

“Read my notes, watched your three tapes and listened to the TTC tape twice, played and taught Doubles, and I have concluded that you are a remarkable speaker…one of the best I have heard throughout the years. I was right about your basketball coaching experience and now I wonder if you studied to be an elementary school teacher.

“I mentioned the school teacher profession because your message was distinct and you communicated brilliantly with a measure of class. Repetition is one of the “Laws of Learning” and you highlighted with your voice (more than once) along with demonstrating the very important keys to playing Doubles.

“I am a better “Doubles” teacher and player –thanks to you.”

Jim Kane, Head Tennis Coach, Southbridge High School in MA

“I have been preaching and teaching the Pete Collins philosophy for the past 7 years.  After taking Pete’s course on how to teach doubles, not only did my game improve, but my whole approach toward teaching this game became crystal clear.

“It is a fool proof, simple, and essential system. My teams have won many city finals, and division titles…with Successful Doubles, you will improve your students’ understanding of the game of doubles, without changing a stroke.

“The workshops are fun and informative.  Pete is a dynamic presence on and off the court. I really can’t say enough about Pete and what he has done for the game of doubles.  Thanks Pete!”

Sue Bernardi
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