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Testimonials . . . Read what tennis professionals and players have to say about Pete Collins and Successful Doubles.

“I first participated in one of Pete Collins’ clinics in 1996 and, as a result, my skills as both a teacher and player substantially improved!  Since that time, I have been privileged to assist Pete with many of of his Successful Doubles clinics.  Over my 40-year career, I have seen many other doubles presentations at various tennis symposia and workshops, and I can honestly say that Pete’s Successful Doubles instruction is truly the gold standard by which all other such programs should be judged.  I have hosted Pete numerous times at tennis clubs where I was director, always with the same results: rave reviews and overwhelming requests for return visits.  Participants in Pete’s clinics are able to immediately apply what they have learned to win more matches. Successful Doubles is based on timeless tactical principles and sound science, and the proof is in the results!”
Jack Thompson, PTR International Master Professional

“Pete Collins will change the way you think about doubles.  His concepts are simple and his progressions are superb.  Your students can apply the powerful tools from Successful Doubles right away.”

Ajay Pant, PTR International Master Professional

“Pete has a great program for all levels of doubles tennis players.  His concepts are universal and his approach to teaching the game is sound and aggressive.  A major factor in retention is the environment in which you learn. Pete keeps things moving fast, pushes the tennis players to a new level, and makes it FUN. The success of his approach to tennis is in the number of clients he has taught and the number of years tennis players have kept coming to learn from the ‘Doubles Master’ — Pete Collins.”

Ken DeHart, PTR International Master Professional and USPTA Master Professional

“I have seen many pros teach doubles, and then I have seen Pete teaching. If you REALLY want to learn — Pete ‘s method is the way. It’s everything you’ve always wanted to learn and some.”

Dr. Louie Cap, PTR International Master Professional

“Pete’s doubles course is the most practical, efficient, and easy way to understand the most important concepts that directs people to be successful in the game of doubles.”

Leo Alonso, PTR International Master Professional and Director of Argentina PTR
“In 1994, when I first attended Pete Collins’ Successful Doubles clinic, my approach to teaching doubles completely changed. At once, ambiguity about how to respond to any situation on the doubles court was totally erased. Successful Doubles defines the responsibilities of each player’s position — my students now know where to be and what to do every second of the match — and makes the game of doubles more active and stimulating for all players. As a result of Pete’s method of playing and teaching doubles, my students’ confidence has soared, their success has increased, and my lesson base has expanded. Successful Doubles is dynamic and fast-paced, and Pete delivers it with passion, energy, and positivity!”
Dolly Goldberg, PTR Professional

“Pete Collins will change the way you think about and play doubles. Successful Doubles provides insights on playing the game, what to look for, where to move, and how to enjoy success playing doubles. Even after more than 50 years playing tennis, I was delighted at how much more I  learned from Pete, both from his presentations and his DVDs. I show the three DVDs to my students, to club teams, and to groups of players wanting to know more about how to play doubles well. It’s a great rainy-day alternative when all you have are outdoor courts. Undoubtedly, one of the best tennis investments you’ll ever make.”

Tony Severino , PTR Certified Instructor

“Pete Collins is an extraordinary and dynamic presenter of Successful Doubles.  His courses will immediately enhance your understanding of court awareness and teamwork. Pete shows you how and when to move with your tennis partner during a doubles match. Your level of play will improve instantly.”

Jack Curry , PTR Professional

“My members absolutely loved Pete Collins when he appeared at the Mohawk Golf Club! They saw immediate improvement in their doubles games, and these new abilities have stayed with them since Pete ‘s workshops. They loved his presentation style and his on-court drills. They keep asking me when Pete is gong to return to Mohawk! “

Scott Stacey, PTR Professional

“I have been fortunate to have Pete conduct clinics at my clubs and facilities on numerous occasions.  My members never ask for me to invite him back.  They demand it!  Members as well as your professional staff will be guaranteed a fun learning experience that will invigorate and improve the skill of your tennis players and the teaching technique of your pros.”

Scott Tharp, PTR International Master Professional

“The Shaker Heights High School tennis teams (boys & girls), which I coach, are still benefiting from a doubles program Pete Collins did for us years ago. Not only did the tennis players learn, but the coaches did as well. Over the years, I have attended a multitude of doubles programs. The one done by Pete Collins is the best. We have had more doubles success than any tennis program in Northeast Ohio. I also own all 3 of Pete’s doubles DVDs and show them every year to my teams. They are excellent. Players seeing them for the 2nd or even 3rd time continue to learn and reinforce what they have seen before.”

Al Slawson, USPTA Professional