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Successful Doubles Tennis Tips

Welcome to Successful Doubles Tennis Tips, a quick and easy online resource for improving your doubles game. Learning the techniques and strategies of Successful Doubles and putting them into practice will maximize your potential as a doubles player!

Based on the Successful Doubles instruction method, the following tips will improve your performance as a doubles player — regardless of your skill level!

If you’re looking for more detailed instruction, check out Pete’s Successful Doubles DVDs or contact Pete to schedule a Successful Doubles clinic!

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #1
The Forbidden Shot

Tennis Tip #2
Split for Mobility

Tennis Tip #4
Side by Side?

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #5
Hot Seat Preparation

Tennis Tip #6
Positive Poaching

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #7
The Service Line

Tennis Tip #8
Don’t Look Back

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #9
Use Your Air Time

Tennis Tip #10
Hitting the Lob

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #11
Flow with the Ball

Tennis Tip #12
Where Should I Look?

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #13
No Man’s Land

Tennis Tip #14
Before Hitting the Ball

tennis-icon-80325Tennis Tip #15
Where Are You?